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Everything you need to know about Stone Therapy

One of the most beneficial treatments I offer is Stone therapy, so I thought I would explain a bit more about it and what all the fuss is about!

Stones Long Ago

Stone therapy has been around for a long time, in fact around 5000 years! It has been used across the globe, in India, Central and South America by the Mayans, Ancient Egypt, China, Japan, Europe and Africa.

Heated stones have been used to relieve tension and to help with pain,including stomach and menstrual pains. Cold stones were used to restrict blood flow after giving birth. Rough stones could be rubbed on the body for exfoliation (for example in Hawaii), or smooth stones used in massage or placed on the body. Some purposes were ceremonial, placed in patterns to provide health and protection.

Stones Today

Today stone therapy is a very popular treatment. Hot stones are used more commonly, for relaxation, but cold stones are also very beneficial.

Hot stones are a form of Thermotherapy – the therapeutic use of heat. The stones are generally volcanic in origin, such as basalt, from places like Mexico or Arizona. Basalt is formed when the magma from a volcanic eruption cools. Basalt contains a high silica and iron content which gives it its heat retaining properties. The stones are smooth and are shaped and smoothed further for use in massage.

The stones are heated in hot water, left to cool slightly, then applied to the body in smooth long movements. Different sized stones are used for different parts of the body.

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

  • Increases circulation, bringing nutrients into the muscles and conducting heat deep into the tissues

  • Promotes relaxation, allowing deeper massage manipulation

  • Relieves localised congestion, releasing toxins

  • Relieves tension and pain

  • Promotes better sleep patterns

  • Relieves stress

Cold stones are a form of Cryotherapy, the therapeutic use of cold temperatures. Cold stones can be hand carved from marble, which remains cold for long periods. Marble is a type of metamorphic rock. They can also be marine stones, formed from the sediment of plant and marine life in ocean basins. These are naturally smooth and rich in minerals. Jade can also be used for both hot and cold stones.

Benefits of Cold Stone Therapy

  • Disperses congestion, particularly around the sinus areas

  • Stimulates the nervous system, increasing metabolism and energising

  • Speeds up toxin removal

  • Reduces inflammation and puffiness

  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes

  • Relieves muscle spasms

Combining hot and cold stones encourages healing and cleansing, boosting the immune system and helping the body to remain balanced.

I offer different treatments using hot and cold stones, pick from the list below or contact me for a personalised treatment!

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