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Rejuvenate, Relax and Restore with a personalised treatment

  • Relief of muscle tension 

  • Improved circulation

  • Improved lymphatic drainage

  • Improved skin texture

  • As part of a healthy lifestyle, massage can aid weight loss and reduce cellulite.

  • Stress relief

  • Aids restful sleep

  • Relieves achy joints and relaxes overstretched muscle

  • Improves muscle tone

At Forest Glade, we use aromatherapy in all our treatments on the body as standard.  Essential oils are distilled from organic matter, such as leaves, flowers, sticks etc.  They have many beneficial properties and when blended with a carrier oil they smell heavenly.

A free facial cleanse using Tropic Products is available with all treatments on request.

Here are the available treatments:


Aromatherapy Swedish Massage

A therapeutic massage which relaxes the muscles and relieves tension. A variety of massage strokes are employed to break up congestion, ease aches and pains and relax the entire body. Knots are relieved and the combination of essential oils and massage strokes relieves stress and detoxes the body. It can be invigorating or relaxing depending on your wishes.

Available as a back massage for £35 (30 minutes), a back and scalp massage for £40 (40 minutes), a back, scalp and facial massage for £45 (50 minutes) or full body massage for £55 (1hr 15 minutes)

Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing massage concentrating on the scalp and face area but also treating the upper back, arms and neck. It can help enhance your sense of well-being physically and pyschologically. 

£40 (40 minutes)

Hot Stones Massage

A luxurious treatment using heated basalt stones for a deeper massage experience, combined with aromatherapy to leave you relaxed and muscle tensions relieved.

Available as a back massage for £40 (30 minutes), a back and scalp massage for £45(40  minutes) or full body massage for £60 (1hr 15 minutes)


Cold Stones Facial Massage

Marine stones and jade are used for a calming facial massage, reducing puffiness and relieving congestion.  This can be done on its own or in combination with other treatments.  

£25 (30 minutes)

Facial and Scalp Massage

This relaxing, rejuvenating treatment is for the upper chest, neck, face and scalp.  There are a choice of facial oils with different properties, or no oil.  Gentle stroking movements help stimulate collagen production and circulation, improving skin texture and elasticity, while removing toxins. It can be with or without a scalp massage.

£25 (30 minutes)

Pregnancy Massage

This relaxing treatment is for Mothers to be in their second and third trimesters.  It is a full body massage to rejuvenate and ease some of the physical aches and pains associated with pregnancy, such as swollen leg and feet, back ache, hip ache and muscle tensions. 

£45 (60 minutes)

For our Cancer Touch Therapy treatments, please head over here.

For gift certificates, head over here.

Did you know that a 60 minute massage is equivalent to getting 7-8 hours sleep!

At Forest Glade, we believe strongly in the power of massage.  The benefits are well-documented and encompass the mind, body and soul. If you suffer from stress, or aches and pains, with sleeping problems or difficulties switching off your mind, massage can make a huge difference. Here are some of the benefits:

A photo of basalt and marine stones.
A photo of a shoulder massage.
A photo of a man receiving a facial massage.
A photo of a lady smiling.
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