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Cancer Touch Therapy - All your Questions Answered

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

I am continuing my series on the types of Massage Therapy that I offer. Last month I explained what Stone Therapy is and why it’s such a beneficial treatment for many problems. This month I am delving deeper into my Cancer Touch Therapy (CTT) treatments.

In January 2021 I completed a CMA accredited Cancer Touch Therapy course, by the Made for Life Foundation. This course was developed by Cancer doctors together with therapists. This means that I can offer holistic therapies to people living with cancer. Visit their website to find out more.

What is Cancer Touch Therapy and how does it differ from Swedish Massage?

It is a form of Soft Touch Therapy, similar to lymphatic drainage. It uses light fingertip touch and gentle pinching to stimulate blood flow and activate pressure points.

If you are used to Swedish Massage, you will find this quite different! Swedish Massage is much deeper and firmer, manipulating muscles through a range of different techniques and strokes. It physically works the muscles to warm them up, increase blood flow and reduce tension and knots.

CTT also reduces tension but through deep relaxation. The gentle, rhythmic movements induce a parasympathetic state, causing your breathing to slow and deepen as if you were asleep. All touches are light, using a variety of slow Tui Na Chinese techniques to rebalance and calm the body.

What are the benefits of Cancer Touch Therapy?

1. Induces a meditative state, allowing the mind to disconnect from daily stress and anxiety.

2. Allows the body to access the parasympathetic state.

3. Heart rate slows, breathing slows and deepens, the brain is encouraged into Alpha-Theta waves, helping the mind and body reconnect.

4. Allows rejuvenation on all levels, including a natural boost to immunity.

5. Relieves tight muscles by gently soothing nerves.

6. Lowers cortisol and adrenaline levels.

7. Decreases anxiety and stress levels and improves sleep.

Who is CCT suitable for?

It is suitable for everyone living with cancer, including those going through treatment, and those living with lymphoedema, and has been designed specifically with those in mind, from the massage techniques to the products themselves which target particular common skin issues following cancer treatment.

It is also safe for women in pregnancy, and is a good introduction for anyone new to massage.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress, or struggle with insomnia, it is a highly effective way to completely relax, physically and mentally.

It can be adapted to suit your needs.

Visit here for further information on the different treatments I offer, and to book in for your treatment.

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