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Can Massage help with Weight Loss?

It would be wonderful if regular massage sessions could directly cause weight loss but sadly the evidence is not there to suggest this. However, for those wishing to lose weight, massage CAN help indirectly, which is great news!

Here’s how:

Massage helps with barriers to weight loss. If you are tired, stressed or in pain, then making the necessary adjustments for a proper weight loss plan with reduced calorie intake and increased exercise can be very difficult.

Massage is proven to improve sleep, decrease stress and help relieve pain. It can also decrease muscle soreness after exercise, which can be severe for those starting a new exercise plan. Massage also helps improve range of motion, helping you to be more effective in exercise.

Massage can also be a reward for the hard work that you are putting, allowing you to relax and have something to look forward to. This is great for motivation.

Swedish massage is beneficial as it improves circulation (which is linked to metabolism), relaxes and loosens muscles, reduces stress and anxiety and improves overall wellbeing. This all aids us in our efforts to live healthier, however that looks for you.

So, while massage on it’s own cannot directly lead to weight loss, it can certainly help is to keep going with a healthy diet and keeping active! That's great news!

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