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Christmas Offers and Self-Care!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Hello and Season’s Greetings!

Here are the Special Christmas Offers!

Hot stones Full Body Massage £40 instead of £55 (code hotstonesfull).

Hot Stones Back and Scalp Massage £20 instead of £40. (code hotstonesback).

Indian Head Massage £20 instead of £40 (code Indianhead).

Valid throughout December.

You can book these online here using the discount codes above, or as always pm me or even phone me!

Here are my self-care tips for the Christmas period!

1. Carve out some time in your calendar for yourself – a walk, reading a Christmas book, hot chocolate and a Christmas movie – whatever makes you relaxed and gives you headspace.

2. Make a list of everything you need to do and ask for help in getting them done – and then enjoy ticking them off!

3. Reduce “stuff” whether that’s less food, less presents, etc, to save money and reduce clutter which can cause stress. Less can be more! Gift experiences / consumables rather than material objects where possible.

4. Keep at least one day over the Christmas period completely free.

What tips can you share for enjoying the festive season to its full? Comment below! I wish you all a very happy Christmas xx

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