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Benefits of Trees

I have returned refreshed from my mini sabbatical. I travelled to Canada, and then to Croatia and was able to rest and see beautiful scenery. I found myself in the midst of beautiful forests and it took me back to when I was starting Forest Glade Massage and why I chose trees as my emblem.

I was inspired by the trees in Cookridge, especially those in the old “Tinshill plantation” where I am fortunate enough to live. Being in the peace of the big old beech tree at the bottom of our garden has calmed my stress levels countless times and taken me out of my worries.

Here are 8 health benefits of trees!

1. Trees are linked to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. There is a correlation between living in greener urban areas and increased life satisfaction.

2. Trees remove air pollution. Better air quality improves our health!

3. Trees can help us recover from illness. Just 3-5 minutes looking at nature can help induce relaxation and aid recovery.

4. Trees grow fruit! Which we enjoy eating, in various ways (apple crumble anyone?)

5. Trees boost our immune systems by releasing beneficial chemicals.

6. Trees improve water quality. Trees filter stormwater, reducing pollutants.

7. Forests provide medicine, which humans have been utilising for centuries.

8. Trees provide fuel and building material for humans, food and shelter for many creatures and all the while looking beautiful!

What other benefits of trees can you think of?

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