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Relaxing Back Massage


Carve out time for your wellbeing with one of our luxurious treatments

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Face Massage
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Meet Lynsey

Forest Glade Massage Therapy was opened in April 2021 by Lynsey Dent.  My mission statement is:

"Massage for All: Personalised massages for every unique individual”

I am based at 32 Hillcrest Rise, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7DL

Personalised Massage
I aim to adapt massage to suit anybody.

Clients with disabilities and special needs are most welcome. 

I have a Diploma in Special Needs Massage and am a qualified Cancer Touch Therapy practitioner.  I can visit you in your home and together with you and any medical professionals create a personalised treatment taking into account all of your needs. There is a reduced rate for these services.

If you would like to find out more about our adapted massage services, please email Lynsey at

Or telephone 07804 584806

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Neck Massage

New Blog Post

One thing I love about massage therapy is that it treats the whole person, mind and body.   It’s a holistic treatment that can be used alongside medical interventions for a whole range of issues that we live with. The mind and body have symbiotic relationships and so treatments which benefit both physical discomfort and pain and mental problems such as anxiety or depression can bring immense value. Read more about these links here.

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